Luxury Outpatient Drug Rehab Center in NY

Drug addiction can lead to many different family, relationship, and legal issues. At The Dunes, we can help bring those relationships back to life.

Our outpatient drug rehab center is located in a secluded area in New York, where individuals can feel comfortable knowing their identity is safe while also continuing to maintain any other priorities outside of treatment.

Our Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Approach

Focusing on the Individual

Our approach to drug addiction treatment is first understanding the root cause of the drug addiction. Whether that cause was to self-medicate due to an on-going mental illness, or a traumatic event that happened – we tailor drug addiction treatment to the person.

Therapeutic Approach

We utilize therapies that have been proven effective for many. We primarily concentrate on behavior-focused protocols for individuals to understand coping mechanisms along with learning positive self-evaluation.

Luxury Drug Treatment Center

Those who attend our outpatient drug rehab center can reap the benefits of the outstanding views and modernized facility. We want everyone to feel welcomed and relaxed which is why we focus on the luxury model for drug addiction treatment.

Who Qualifies for Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Our outpatient drug treatment center is designed for those who have already detoxed from the drug. This is also for those who may already have a full support system outside of rehab and can manage taking their own prescriptions. By attending outpatient drug treatment, individuals can focus on recovery while also maintaining daily life.