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Who Does Outpatient Rehab Work Best For?

Though inpatient rehabs have a solid place in addiction treatment, many individuals can benefit greatly from outpatient rehab care. With less intensive treatment and accommodation of full-time schedules, outpatient programs offer intervention, therapy and the education necessary for long-term abstinence following drug addiction. Deciding which option to pursue requires assessment of the patient’s physical and psychological health, personal responsibilities and specialized treatment needs.

Who Does Outpatient Rehab Work Best For - The Dunes OPWhen Is Outpatient Drug Rehab Appropriate?

There are many cases in which outpatient rehab can prove the best option for those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. It is essential that our counselors perform a complete and professional assessment before making a recommendation. However, there are a number of signs to indicate whether outpatient treatment is a proper fit.

Lower Levels Of Physical Drug Addiction

Our outpatient program is often recommended to those who can achieve abstinence with a short visit to a detoxification center prior to enrollment, or who have already achieved physical sobriety. In many cases, lower levels of, or less severe physical addiction are correlated with shorter-term drug use.

Supportive Home Environment

Because our outpatient program does not offer 24/7 supervision, success within the program depends heavily on the client’s home environment. Clients with a supportive and sober family, healthy living situation, and positive relationships tend to fare much better in outpatient programs. The family’s commitment to their loved one’s sobriety can make a huge difference throughout treatment, as families learn to understand the dynamics of addiction, repair trust and relationships, and address family roles through addiction education and family counseling sessions.

Work / Family Responsibilities

While success in treatment far outweighs logistical needs in the wake of substance abuse, some of our clients have circumstances (such as child care needs, work responsibilities, or shared custody arrangements) that make outpatient rehab the most logical choice for recovery.

The Need And Motivation To Achieve Sobriety

Though recovery does not hinge on motivation levels alone, outpatient care tends to require a higher level of determination. This often means participation in 12-step meetings, healthy lifestyle building, trigger avoidance, and seeking ongoing treatment in order to ensure a healthy and lasting sobriety. We recommend our inpatient rehab for clients who require higher levels of addiction treatment in a residential setting.

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Holistic Meditation For Addiction Recovery

Meditation has served as a metaphysical link in many eastern spiritual cultures for centuries; gaining recent validation from western medical practitioners in regard to substance abuse and addiction treatment. Though not a cure-all for dependence, when included within a recovery setting, meditation offers a renewed spiritual connection, increased self-awareness, heightened creativity, and diminished levels of negative response to daily stresses.

The Benefits Of Meditation For Addiction Recovery

Holistic Meditation For Addiction Recovery - TheDunesEastHamptonOPMeditation is a personal endeavor, and not an activity that necessarily requires hands-on instruction. However, in the interest of accelerated learning, our dedicated and caring treatment staff offers guidance to our clients through the meditation process.

Meditation allows for a greater connection with internal spirituality, a greater awareness of self, and a greater internal peace in life overall. This increased self-clarity aids in understanding the reasons behind addictions and provides strength against them.

When our clients achieve a truly clear and meditative state of mind, behaviors, emotions and memories can be examined objectively and introspectively. Through our addiction meditation program, clients are able to obtain a better understanding of the areas in life that trigger them to seek refuge in alcohol and drug use, while gaining a better understanding of how to address such obstacles moving forward.

Many clients have reported that through meditation, they have achieved, or reawakened, a greater sense of spiritual connection. Although our meditation program is inherently non religious, the process can often awaken spiritual beliefs and sensations.

Through an unemotional and analytic awareness of our behaviors, our life stresses become less and less demanding. The sense of tranquility gained through the practice tends to expand well beyond the designated meditation period, resulting in a greater sense of ease and calm overall. The typically upsetting and stressful events in our lives can often become less upsetting once we have achieved a greater state of awareness. Reducing the influence of these stresses inhibits the power of the environments that often lead us to relapse.

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Rehab Recovery Plan – Step By Step

Entering a rehabilitation facility can be an intimidating and scary prospect to the uninformed. Though recovery programs are commonplace conversation throughout news and media outlets, information regarding what actually transpires throughout the recovery process is often left to the wayside. In this entry we will discuss the ins and outs of life at our luxury rehab facility.

Detoxification Process

The process begins with a complete medical evaluation and safe and comfortable detox, if necessary. Patients are placed under monitored medical care and provided with medications and therapies to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Most detoxification programs typically last between 3-10 days depending on the individual patient.

Recovery Programs In Luxury Rehab

Once detox is complete, treatment and recovery can begin. The Dunes East Hampton Outpatient Rehab involves a combination of holistic treatments including meditation and acupuncture, group therapy, physical activities (sports, hiking, etc.), individual counseling, and 12 step meetings. Here, patients learn to work through their addictions mentally, physically and spiritually, while making plans for a life-long, successful recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options At The Dunes East Hampton

Rehab Recovery Plan – Step By Step | East Hampton OutpatientAt The Dunes East Hampton luxury rehab, we offer two different types of rehabilitation treatment: Inpatient & Outpatient.

Inpatient – Inpatient treatment programs are where our patients live in luxury and privacy at our East Hampton residential treatment facility. Programs vary in length, but typically last between one and three months. Our inpatient program gives patients the opportunity to confront their addictions without the stress and distraction of daily life.

Outpatient – Outpatient treatment at our luxurious Dunes East Hampton Outpatient Program allows patients to gather at our facility on a regular schedule. This system of care affords patients the opportunity to obtain the help they need while retaining employment, living at home and keeping to a daily schedule.

Treatment Aftercare

Program staff at the Dunes East Hampton work with patients to determine an appropriate and personalized aftercare plan, including 12 step meeting attendance, weekly counselor appointments, sober living care or continued attendance at the facility on a more irregular basis.

Personalized Addiction Treatment For Long-Lasting Recovery

No two patients are the same. At both The Dunes East Hampton and The Dunes Outpatient Program, our staff strives to provide personalized addiction treatment care to each and every individual to ensure the best chance of a successful and long-lasting recovery.

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