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Why Is A Long-Term Recovery Plan Necessary For Life-Long Sobriety?

Treating addiction is not something that has a set beginning, middle and end. Recovery is a life-long journey for addicts, who are said to be “in recovery,” not “recovered” from their disease. For that reason, long-term treatment is necessary to support a client’s long-term recovery.

Simply having someone complete his or her course of outpatient addiction treatment and then return to a regular schedule without a long term treatment plan would be unfair to the client, who has invested so much effort in making a life change to get sober.

Long-Term Recovery Plan Is Necessary For Life-Long Sobriety - DunesOP

A New Lifestyle Starts In Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When people come to us for help, they know they need to embrace an entirely new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with emotions, relating to family members, friends and co-workers and themselves. In short, they are beginning an entirely new life and lifestyle. We teach the skills to continue this new way of thinking and dealing with emotions and stress throughout our client’s life.

Even the most enthusiastic and receptive client will take time to learn these new skills and strategies so that they become second nature. The process will not happen overnight, and there is a lot of damage from the substance abuse that needs to be uncovered and dealt with.

Life-Long Tools To Overcome Temptation And Prevent Relapse

We guide our clients through their own personal reasons for turning to drugs and then teach them how to overcome these reasons and work toward their own personal goals.

Replacing the previous unhealthy coping strategy with something positive through supportive therapy takes practice, and we know that our clients do not have their former coping method of choice (taking drugs or using alcohol) to rely on when they feel stressed during this process.

That’s exactly why, through our individualized long-term recovery plan, we work closely with each of our clients, providing the essential knowledge and tools to prevent relapse once they have completed their outpatient program.

Private Residential Sober Living Available For Outpatient Clients

The Dunes East Hampton can also offer outpatient clients our private, sober living house to stay in. This arrangement gives our clients the opportunity to have support from other clients who are in the same phase of recovery all while providing a safe, comfortable and luxurious residence.

Part of a long-term treatment plan may include regularly attending 12-step meetings or counseling. Sober living house clients can arrange to attend those types of support groups while they continue their therapy.

Begin A New Journey Of Life-Long Sobriety

Here at The Dunes Outpatient Program, we help our clients overcome their painful past of addiction and begin the journey to life-long sobriety.

Call us now to learn more and see how we can help yourself or a loved one begin a new life!…YOU are worth it.

How Holistic Rehab Can Lead To The Path Of Long-Term Success

How Holistic Rehab Can Lead To The Path Of Long-Term Success

Looking into holistic treatment facility to combat a drug or alcohol addiction? Having a basic understanding of what to expect from a holistic rehab program will provide you with the foundation necessary to obtain the most from your experience. Though the recovery process is far from a walk in the park, the potential rewards associated with completion are well worth the effort. In the article below, we will offer up an in-depth perspective on what patients should expect of their ‘Dunes’ experience.

The symptoms associated with withdrawal are both emotional and physical in nature. Individuals engaged in the withdrawal process may find themselves feeling irritable and anxious, resulting in bouts of isolation and poor concentration. To boot, recovering addicts may also begin to experience breathing difficulties, heat palpitations, nausea and vomiting. Though there are a variety of methods to help combat these withdrawal symptoms, many find a holistic approach a safe and comfortable treatment option.

What You Should Know About Our Holistic Treatment

Our New York holistic treatment facility deals not only with drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms, but a wide array of aspects concerning the human body. Those who engage in holistic practices view the body as a combination of spiritual, emotional and physical interactions. As such, our holistic treatment practitioners work to address each patient as a whole, instead of a symptom list. In this fashion, the holistic approach to withdrawal works to address the physical symptoms in combination with psychological and emotional aspects of the withdrawal process – All in a more flexible outpatient basis.

Holistic Therapy Programs

If you’re searching for the most comprehensive and customized holistic addiction treatment available, you need look no further than our qualified NY holistic rehab facility. When it comes to spiritual and emotional healing, hypnosis and psychotherapy are quite common. Some therapists may also encourage patients to keep a daily diary or journal daily to help encourage the self-acceptance process of the dependency.

Other programs may include anything from yoga and meditation to acupuncture and physical exercise. These activities promote the recovery process while working to better both mind and body simultaneously. Exact treatment plans vary depending on each patient’s individual situation and needs. By nature, holistic treatments will change from one patient to the next… and though treatments can certainly be similar, no two treatments will ever be 100% identical.

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