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How Is Spending So Much Time Online Affecting My Relationship?

The internet is a wonderful tool and spending time online can be very productive for many people when it is used responsibly. When going online makes you feel more comfortable than being with your real-life friends or your partner, or you would rather spend time checking your mobile device than interacting with people face to face, you may have crossed the line into internet addiction. At this point, you are no longer controlling how much time you are spending online; your compulsion to be on the internet is controlling you.

Internet AddictionSigns and Symptoms of Internet Addiction

  • You lose track of the amount of time you are spending online.
  • You are neglecting spending time with your spouse or partner, family and friends because of your online activities.
  • You are being dishonest about the amount of time you are spending online.
  • You find that you would rather spend time with your online “friends” and relationships than your real-life ones.
  • Finishing tasks at home has become an issue due to your internet activities.
  • You have or are experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, backaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome due to your online activities.
  • Going online has become an outlet for when you feel sad, stressed, guilty or excited.
  • You go without sleep so that you can spend more time online.
  • You have tried to put a limit on your online activities but have been unsuccessful.

Internet Addiction and your Relationship

Spending too much time online can definitely have a negative effect on your relationship. Your spouse or partner will come to resent the time you are spending online, since you are not “in” your relationship giving it the time and attention that it needs to grow. He or she may have concerns that you are involved with cybercheating. If you are turning away from your partner, you are threatening your relationship, whether someone else is involved or not.

Find Help for Internet Addiction

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5 Tips To Fight Internet Addiction

From online gaming to quizzes and social media, it has never been easier to find oneself entrapped in an internet addiction. Though abstinence often serves as a viable option for many other addictions, a number of people rely on the medium for education or work purposes. Instead of abstaining from the internet completely, our specialists recommend these tactics to help curb the cravings and behaviors associated with the compulsion.

Tips To Overcome Internet Addiction

    1. Accept the issue – In order to combat an addiction, addicts must first come to terms with the fact that there is a problem. Once an addiction is recognized, the repair process will be much smoother.

5 Tips To Overcome Internet Addiction - The Dunes

  1. Locate your triggers – There are typically events or actions that set off an internet addict. Anxiety, stress, or boredom are very common in this area. Once you have determined your triggers, do your best to eliminate them in different ways. For instance, if you use the internet most while you are anxious, find another outlet, such as exercise or an artistic endeavor.
  1. Keep a log of how often you use the internet – Most individuals don’t realize how much scroll time they devote daily. Record use habits each and every time you pop in. Log the date, start time, and end time of each session to gain a better understanding of your habits. You may be surprised just how much time is “wasted” online!
  1. Set goals for your off-time internet use; placing time restrictions on your sessions – An hour each night should be a proper starting point. Make sure to log off as soon as the alarm sounds. Keep in mind that you can always finish what you were doing the next day. As your mind begins to acclimate to an hour, begin scaling back the time in 10- to 15-minute increments.
  1. Focus on your health! Internet addiction often robs users of their free time and hobbies once they’ve succumbed to the addiction. Create a list of activities that you enjoy. Next time you feel like checking your inbox, do one of those things instead! Play music, go for a jog, or take a drive somewhere new. This tactic will also help you spend more time with your family, which may have suffered neglect during your internet addiction.

Need Addiction Help?

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