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The Syndrome Model Approach To Addiction Treatment

One way of looking at addiction treatment has been to look at the chemicals contained in drugs and alcohol and the way they act on a person’s brain as the cause of addiction. Since these substances stimulate the brain’s pleasure center, it made sense that a vulnerable individual would look to something outside him or herself to feel good and want to continue repeating the experience, especially in the face of challenging situations.

Syndrome Model Of Addiction

The Syndrome Model Approach To Addiction Treatment - TheDunesOPThe syndrome model of addiction takes a different approach and considers that there is a broad, underlying condition that allows the various signs of addiction to become evident. The condition makes it more likely that a particular person may develop addictions to one or more substances. Research has suggested that a person’s risk for becoming addicted may come from one of three factors:

  • Genetics or psychological factors
  • Exposure to the substance
  • Experience with the addictive substance

Mental Health Issues And Addiction

A person who is already living with a mental health issue may be more vulnerable to addiction, according to the syndrome model of addiction. There have been higher instances of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress noted among clients seeking addiction treatment.

Among different types of addiction, there seems to be a noticeable pattern of clients showing signs of improvement, and then relapsing before moving into a period of remission. This pattern would support the idea of addiction as a syndrome, since a syndrome involves recurring behavior.

Treating Causes And Consequences Of Addiction

At the Dunes East Hampton Outpatient Program, we understand that our clients go will likely go through certain phases during their addiction treatment in East Hampton NY. Our individualized treatment plan teaches clients how to deal with cravings and temptations as well as the feelings of loss of control that may signal the start of a relapse.

One thing that clients in addiction treatment need help with is dealing with the consequences of their addiction. The disease of addiction can make an addict unable to appreciate their consequences. The recovery process includes allowing those in recovery to take responsibility for their choices and experience real-life consequences.

We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they need to start believing in themselves again. With a customized treatment plan and tools to use for long-term sobriety, we know we can help you have life-long healing and freedom from addiction!

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