Outpatient Addiction Treatment in New York

Are you searching for drug or alcohol treatment, but concerned about leaving your home, work or family responsibilities?

Our addiction treatment program is held in a private, outpatient facility so you can work on recovery and still return to the comfort of your home each day.

Every individual who struggles with an alcohol, drug or other chemical substance abuse problem comes with a unique set up circumstances. We offer flexibility and a variety of different addiction treatment services to suit your specific needs. We understand how important it is to you to be able to carry on with your personal responsibilities while still undergoing the important treatment so you can go on to live a healthy, happy and full life free from drugs and alcohol.


The Highest Standards in Drug and Alcohol Recovery Care

We believe the key to long term sobriety starts with a personalized program that combines tried and true treatment methods with modern day techniques. Our outpatient treatment is designed with that in mind and will include a blend of therapies and services with a custom program that we will create just for you.

Our outpatient addiction treatment programs were developed by experienced, expert staff including Dr. Howard Shaffer, PhD – who is also the Director of the Division on Addiction at The Cambridge Health Alliance which is a Harvard Medical School teaching affiliate.

For several years The Dunes has offered the most comprehensive and highest level of quality of care. Let us help you regain control of your life.

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